Inspired by Van Gogh

I love art museums! The impressionist artists are my favorite part. As long as I can remember I’ve had prints by Van Gogh and Monet hanging in my house. When my family needed to come up with a name for a new puppy we were getting, we decided on Van Gogh for a boy and Monet for a girl. We ended up getting a cute little girl that is a Golden Retriever and maybe an Australian Shepherd or Sheltie mix. This is Monet. She’s sweet, quirky, loyal and an all around awesome dog.


Now on to the painting…
I decided that for my second canvas I would like to do a night sky and some stars reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Of course I could never make it look that good, but a can make my own version.


First, I started with an aqua blue.


Then, a medium blue.


And lastly, a deep purple. I added Golden Gel Medium – Soft Gel Gloss to the paints so I could blend them together.


I was thinking of doing more of a dark to light effect, but once I started seeing the colors streaking together I loved the effect and decided to go in that direction instead. I know skies are supposed to go horizontally, but I really like the vertical look. And I have always loved going against what you’re “supposed” to do.


I think I’m going to need some trees for this night sky. So I cut some out of a priority mail envelope I had laying around. I just need to paint them black.


Now I’m adding some stars. Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue is what I started with.


Then I added Cadmium Yellow Light Hue.


And last I added Primary Yellow. I think that looks close to what I was looking for.


The trees look great against the background so I glued them on. But wait… I think it’s missing something.


How about some rolling hills cut out from some scrapbook paper. It was a little too bright so I darken up the edges with some Distress Ink – Peeled paint.


That’s much better, but I need more dimension. Time to get out my button stash!


That’s perfect! Now I’d like the painting to have a saying or something. Something to do with stars since that’s the main focus. I know… How about something classic like, “Wish upon a Star”.


I tried painting the phrase and using markers. For type that small, I just don’t like my own handwriting for it. So I typed it up in Illustrator. That’s my “go to” program for graphics. My husband and I run a Sign, Banner, Wall Decal business called Stephen Edward Graphics. I design the wall decals for our Etsy shop. So I decided that a decal would be perfect for the phrase I needed.


Looking great on some scrap paper I had!


I wanted the phrase to stick out so I added some foam to the back.


In place and looking good!


As you can see the edges are not finished, but I couldn’t wait to post the pictures! I will be painting all the edges black.


I love this painting and I had so much fun creating it! That’s what art is all about.



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