Mishap with a heat gun

Well, today I thought I’d make another altered brush while I waited for my Dad to show up. He’s helping me install some doors in the lower level of our house. We got my daughter Hayley’s door on her bedroom last night. She’s pretty excited to have some privacy after having no door for about two months.

Now she just needs to clean her room.

So here is my brush with some gesso already painted on.


I’m going to take this pretty scrapbook paper and cut it into strips and then wrap them around the brush with some Matte Medium.


It’s a little harder to do than I thought it would be, but I’m liking the look of it.


That looks good! Time to dry it up with my new heat gun.


Oops! Got the heat gun a little too close to the bristles on the brush. Oh well. I’ll just do it to the rest of the bristles and say I did it on purpose.



I added some ribbon and the little Diva tag. But I need more bling if this is a Diva brush.


That’s better.



I felt like I needed to add something to the handle. A flower in the colors of the ribbon was perfect! Well, maybe I need two. She is a Diva brush after all.



She’s all finished. Looking pretty sassy in all her Diva glory.

This was a lot of fun to make. And now it’s still to help my Dad install the door to my Art Room. I’ll finally be able to blast my Indie music to my hearts content.

See you soon…



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