Conquering a fear

I grew up believing that I wasn’t an artist. I was jealous of those that could paint and draw. I resigned myself to being creative on the computer. Graphic design is a type of art, but i still didn’t feel like an Artist. Working with stained glass, I felt like a Glass Artist, but I still wanted to be a True Artist. Now that I’ve embarked on this new path I am feeling more and more like an Artist with each piece I create. But there is still one type of painting that scares me…. People. Painting people makes me nervous. If you don’t do it right the person can come out looking like an alien or worse. Today I decided to confront my fear!


I started by sketching an outline. I felt better having some lines to follow.


I mixed a couple of colors to get the right skin tone, but it was still a little too dark. I’ll fix that later.


The hair came next… Brown seems good. It is sort of a self portrait after all and I just dyed my hair a pretty dark brown.


I painted the shirt and tried adding a pattern with a stencil, but it didn’t work very well because the spiral from the book kept getting in the way. So I had to go over the entire thing again. Not happy with the look of this.


I added some highlights to the hair and painted the shirt a brighter pink. I also added ink sprays to the background. That was not easy! I should have done that type of background first because it went all over! Luckily, baby wipes helped to clean it up.


My hands didn’t fair as well. I’m going to have crazy colors on my hands for about a week.


I added some 3D flower stickers to her hair. I also added some shadowing to the right side of her face and neck.


Her shirt was a little boring so I painted some organic ribbon pink. Then cut it to the shape of her shirt.


The ribbon is in place and I used some letters to spell out “Art Girl”. I picked up the letters (by Tim Holtz) at Michaels.


I used a dry brushing technique to added a bit of white to the ribbon. Her shirt actually looks like a sweater I own! I also used a watercolor crayon to add a bit of blush to her cheeks.




My girl is done! I’ll conquer painting a face another day. For now… I’m really happy with how she turned out.

Til next time…



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