My first “official” art class

When I started doing Stained Glass I wasn’t able to take any classes due to lack of funds and a busy home life with small children. So I bought books, read forums and experimented. I essentially taught myself. I never regretted this way of learning because through those experiments and a lot of failures I found a way of creating stained glass that was unique to me. I didn’t have someone to tell me that I couldn’t do it that way. Although in some cases that was true, but through my failures I stumbled upon new techniques that were all mine.

But now that I am embarking on this Mixed Media journey I am happy to have some help by taking some classes. I will still remember my lessons of try everything, experiment, don’t let anyone tell you “that’s not the way you do it”. But what’s great about Mixed Media is that no one will ever tell you that! It’s all one big experiment of doing what you feel and what makes you happy!

So I took my first class… A free one! What’s better than that?
Art, Heart & Healing – A Free Course For All

Here is what I accomplished with it! My first painted face. With eyes and everything! As you know, if you have read my other blog posts. I’m scared of doing faces, but for my first attempt I think I did pretty well.


The girl that offered this free class, Tamara Laporte, from Willowing Arts is also the organizer for a year long art course called Life Book 2014. Tamara will be joined by 22 incredible art teachers for this course. My hubby is a sweetheart and bought me the course for my birthday. I can’t wait to get started!

Til next time…



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