Life Book 2014 – Week 2

This week for my Life Book class we had a bonus lesson. A bonus lesson is a smaller lesson or other activity like an artist interview, ect. So this was a fairly simple exercise, but I had fun with it. I worked on my piece along with the instructor. I’m happy with how it turned out. We had to come up with what we wanted more of in 2014 or what we were going to be the best at. Well, I knew I wanted to include my word for the year, “Joy”, but I wanted to include it in a funny way. I brainstormed a bit a came up with Joy Wrangler. I like the idea of wrangling up some Joy! If I wasn’t following a lesson I would have included way more bright colors and maybe a denim theme as a nod to Wrangler Jeans.

So I followed the lesson to the “T” and this is what I came up with. I did add some extra things to the bottom of the piece. It just seemed to plain otherwise.


After posting my piece to the Facebook group I noticed that some of the other people did completely their own thing. I mean their piece didn’t look a thing like what was instructed. At first I felt a little bad because mine was so plain, but that was what the teacher instructed and I am a bit of a rule follower. Well, not completely… I have a bit of a split personality. I like to follow rules and get annoyed when others don’t, but I also question authority quite a bit and don’t like to be told what to do. See what I mean? Split personality. Another example is… I’m very creative and love coming up with new designs. Like for our decal business, stained glass suncatchers or mixed media painting/art journaling. My art room is a shambles and when I had my glass studio at the last house it was a wreck! I totally fit that artist, messy, all over the place profile. But then I have this other side of me that loves to organize. Staples or the storage section of any store is my favorite place to be. I recently went to Ikea to get cabinets, shelves, storage, ect. for my new Art Room and I was in heaven! I went slightly overboard. Okay it was more than slightly. Anyway, I also love keeping up with the business end of our decal business, Stephen Edward Graphics. I answer all the convos that come in, I learned everything I could about SEO and I’m constantly reading about marketing. So you see I really am a split personality. I even took one of those online tests that was supposed to show you what type of person you were… mine came in at 51% creative and 49% business (?). Okay, to tell you the truth I can’t remember what they called the other half. I just remember thinking that I could not believe that the test showed exactly what I thought about myself. So I’m a bit of an oddball, but life would be pretty boring if I wasn’t.

Back to the lesson now… So after seeing the completely unique interpretations of the lesson by my fellow Life Bookers I decided something. I’m going to do the lessons as instructed. I want to make sure I learn all the techniques given to us. But after the lesson is over and my piece is finished, I think I may go back to those lessons and do them again in my own way. I might wait until the end of the year to do them or maybe I’ll do them right away. I guess I’ll have to play it by ear for that part. It might be interesting to compare the two pieces especially if a lot of time has passed. No matter what, I’m having a lot of fun and isn’t that what counts?

Til Next time…



One thought on “Life Book 2014 – Week 2

  1. I basically did mine according to the lesson too, and had a bit of a struggle with it as I prefer the use of collage to fill a page rather than just paint and pen. I’m here to stretch and try new things though so it certainly did the trick!

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