Life Book 2014 – Week 5

This weeks lesson was taught by Marieke Blokland. It was about exaggerated faces and cute sweet treat doodles.

Here is the teacher’s page.

Marieke Blokland Journal Page

After learning how to draw more realistic looking faces this was hard to do at first. But after seeing her techniques of taking simple shapes and putting them all together to make this silly face, I was hooked! Time to PLAY!

So here is my page.


I posted this to our Facebook group page and Marieke commented and said

She’s lovely! The page has an 80’s feel over it, love that.”

It wasn’t intentional, but I love the 80’s so I’m happy with that look. I got a lot more great comments from people. It’s so nice to have such amazing support from everyone, especially when you feel insecure about what you produced. It’s such a loving and uplifting group of people that I am so grateful for.

Now back to the piece… I purposely put her arms behind her back. I didn’t know how to paint the hands so sticking them behind her back got me out of it. I’m pretending that she’s hiding more candy back there!

When I created the dress I had Audrey Hepburn in mind. I love Audrey Hepburn’s look and a dress like that would be simple to recreate in paper. I used ribbon for the belt and this cute little buckle came from a friend who was getting rid of a bunch of scrap booking stuff that she wasn’t using. SCORE! I love free stuff!


The lesson was about doodling the sweet treats, but after we made the head and cut it out to put on our background, I thought, “Why not do this for the treats too?” So that’s exactly what I did. It did take a lot more time to make all these, but it was fun and relaxing. I had my Project Runway DVD going on the tv (my husband bought me 7 Seasons for Christmas) so it was a pleasant afternoon.


Well, another week’s lesson completed. I just can’t say enough how much I LOVE this course! The teachers and lessons are so creative and it’s so nice to have something to look forward to every week.

Til next time…



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