Life Book 2014 – Week 6 – Part One

This week we have 2 projects courtesy of Tamara Laporte. Yay! So this is my result for part one. Minimalist and working within the rule of thirds. I learned a lot.


Ink sprays! Ink sprays! Ink sprays! Oh how I love them! I bought them awhile ago and used them on this painting.


But I LOVE the dripping effect! I will be using this technique again for sure. That’s what I love about this art course… learning new techniques with supplies I already have.

I really loved Tamara’s butterfly stamp. The realistic look was perfect for this piece, but the only one that I have is HUGE! Which is great for other projects. Just not this one. I did find a stamp in my stash that used the word “soar” to create a butterfly shape. Luckily, that stamp set also came with an outline of the same butterfly. So I just stamped that on top because I wanted the butterfly to have a definite shape. I’m definitely putting a realistic butterfly stamp on my list of “art supplies to buy”.


Tamara had us use some washi tape in random places around the piece. I don’t have much to pick from, only four rolls. Two of which are black and white. So I used what I had and I think it looks cohesive. But washi tape is definitely going on the list. I recently saw a great washi tape dispenser that comes with a bunch of rolls of washi tape from Costco. It was awesome! It was a great price too, but they don’t sell it online. I’d go to my nearest store, but I don’t know where one is and I also don’t have a membership. And I’m not going to pay over $50 for a membership just to by a $20 washi tape dispenser. Bummer.

Oops! Went off on a tangent again. Back to the project… I used a random lid to create the circle around the butterfly. I’m starting to stockpile little odds and ends that I think could be used in my art journaling. If I don’t watch out I could become a hoarder! Lol!

The last thing I did was add the word Release around the inside of the circle. My word for the year is Joy, but I’d like to add Release as my sub word for the year. I need to release all the negativity that I have in my life. Either from within or from outside sources. And by doing that, I will be able to experience Joy. That about sums it up.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading my blog. I truly enjoy writing it. And I love reading your comments! They make me feel like I’m not just talking to myself. Don’t get me wrong… I totally talk to myself. Probably on a daily basis, but it’s nice to know someone else is out there and they liked my post enough to take the time to comment. So thank you!

Til next time…



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