Retro Labeler = Cool New Art Journaling Toy

I just have to share about this awesome new toy that I recently bought. An Embossed Label Maker by Dymo (Caption Maker). I couldn’t resist. I had one of these when I was a little girl. I used it to label all of my Babysitter’s Club books. And pretty much everything else I could stick labels to.

I believe this Labeler is actually an older item for Dymo, but I saw a YouTube review about it and I thought it looked great. So I did some searching and found it on EBay for $15.


I also found some embossing tape from a couple of other EBay sellers.


Pastel. Blue, pink and white


I figured I should stock up in case I can’t find labels later on. The label maker comes with three different font wheels. Uppercase, lowercase and italics. There are even some cute graphics on the lowercase wheel, like hearts and stars.


Here’s an example of each font.


I was working on an art journal page for this group that I joined, Journal 52. You receive free art journal prompts once a week for the whole year. I’m pretty busy with our business Stephen Edward Graphics and Life Book 2014, but I thought that this would be nice to do when I have some free time and I need some inspiration.

Here is my art journal page. Up, Up and Away!


I got to do some new things for this page, like use my new script stencil for the background, make a layered dress from scrapbook paper and use some baker’s twine for the balloon string.

And my new favorite thing… embossed labels.


So quick and easy to make them. They add a bit of dimension to the page and I love that the labels come in other colors so I could match them to the page. I foresee using these a lot in the future. How fun!

Til next time…



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