Life Book 2014 – Week 7

This weeks lesson was about our positive qualities (actually that’s the theme for the whole month) and pop ups. It never occurred to me to make my own pop up before. Thanks to Jane Davenport I am now the creator of three.

First things first… I had to create the cover page.


I started with my standard 9×12 watercolor paper for all my Life Book pages. Then I took another watercolor page, folded it in half and trimmed it down a bit to fit nicely on the original page. I glued the folded page down. Then I added tissue paper across both pages and painted til my hearts content. Once dry I used an Exacto knife to release the folded page.

I also added a piece of ribbon (folded) and secured it with an eyelet.

I had to pick three positive qualities of mine and draw them. They would become the pop ups. Trying to come up personal positive qualities can be a tough thing for people to do. But once you figure that out, then you need to be able to translate them into a graphic. That can be even harder!

I came up with Creative, Smart, and Quirky. There are a lot of things I could use to represent Creative. Like a stained glass suncatcher (my former art outlet) or paint brushes (my current art outlet) or a computer (graphic design that I do for our business). I didn’t want to choose just one and all of them together would be just too cluttered. So I opted to do just the word itself. Decorated creatively, of course!


For Smart I came up with a painting of a girl (me) with a lightbulb above her head. I had the idea of attaching it with a piece of wire, so it would look like it was floating above her, but ultimately I nixed the idea because my pop ups were a little big compared to the paper they needed to fit within and I didn’t have room. But I figure she can just be a smart girl all on her own. Plus, she’s prettier than me so I figure that’s pretty smart on my part since she’s supposed to represent me. Lol!


The last pop up was to represent Quirky. When thinking about it my fused glass owls popped into my head. I think he’s pretty quirky looking so that’s what I used as my inspiration.



Here’s the completed pop up page!


I had a bit of trouble with the positioning of the pop ups and how they wanted to fold. I guess that’s just something you get better at the more you do it.

I really struggled trying to get motivated to create something for this lesson. I think it was hard coming up with my own things since I had gotten so used to being instructed in what to paint. But in the end I’m happy with what I’ve done and I learned a new technique that I don’t think I would have ever tried on my own.

Til next time…



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