Life Book 2014 – Week 8

This was both a fun and tough lesson for me. Alena Hennessy provided a fun lesson and a beautiful meditation to go along with it. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and even did it twice. She has the perfect voice for it. We also wrote a letter to either the universe, ourselves or our higher power. I, of course, wrote to my Heavenly Father and a bit to myself. The letter was about our intentions for the year. We were to use conscience language practices like; I am calling in, This is what I wish, It is so, I long for this, Let it be so.

I really enjoyed this exercise. Just writing, not caring how it sounded. Using positive terms and ways of expressing what I wanted. Writing it only for me and no one else. It was a bit freeing.

Then we got to the lesson… Alena was free and expressive with her piece. It was all about creating art intuitively. I can really appreciate the freedom of this piece.


We were also supposed to paint or represent our soul in some way. That was the part that was tough for me. Without getting too deep into it, I’ve been struggling with some things recently. My soul isn’t this beautiful, free thing at the moment. I really wanted to follow her example, but by painting intuitively my piece went into a completely different direction.

This might get a little deep in a moment, but just let me assure you that I am not one of those artists you see with a single splat of paint on a canvas and their explanation is 9 paragraphs long. They spent more time on the explanation than they did on the painting. That kind of stuff annoys me. Don’t get me wrong. I love modern art (for the most part), but I think the painting deserves more creation time than the explanation.

Anyway… So here’s my explanation.

Bits of my soul are caged. The talk… the noise can be overwhelming. But the light is starting to come in. The darkness is receding. The flowers are beginning to bloom again. I will overcome. I AM STRONG!


Creating art can be very therapeutic. And Life Book really adds to that concept. I love the idea of creating art for myself. That its a visual representation of my journey this year. It doesn’t need to be pretty. Or something that is worthy to be hung on a wall. I love that it’s just for me!


Til next time…



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