Life Book 2014 – Week 9 – Part Two (sort of)

Since this was an artist interview week we didn’t have an official lesson. Tamara did give us a journal prompt of 50’s or Retro and I intended on doing something with that theme, but it wasn’t looking how I wanted it to look. So I started painting intuitively, like our lesson from last week.


It may not be a masterpiece, but it was fun. In fact, all these lessons have been fun. This art is just for me. No pressure (except the pressure I put on myself to try new things) to make these art pieces into something I need to sell. And I’m learning new techniques and styles that I can add to my art toolbox.

During this “break” week I also organized my Art Room a bit. Check out my neat and clean closet!


I picked up these glass jars from Goodwill for a buck a piece! Doesn’t it make my ribbon look yummy?


And when I was out last weekend at Michaels I picked up a couple more 4-drawer units for under my table. Now it looks more like a desk and they are extremely useful. Nice deep drawers for holding my paint, ink sprays and other things I like to keep close by while I’m creating.


My Art Room is really coming together! I just need to finish the trim and add one more countertop and I should be done. I’ll take some more pictures once I get that far and do a blog post about it.

Til next time…



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