Life Book 2014 – Week 10

This week the lesson was about paint over collage. I almost threw this piece in the trash. I really don’t even want to blog about it. But I made a commitment and I’m going to follow through.

First we started with collage. We were also supposed to pick out a picture of a woman’s face from a magazine. I don’t subscribe to any magazines. So it was slim pickin’s around the house. But eventually I found a girl from a toilet paper ad. The picture was a little too small, but I didn’t have anything else.


I don’t have any progress photos because, like I said, I felt like throwing this thing out the whole time. The hair was the biggest issue for me. I just don’t understand how to paint hair. If they ever offer a class on it… I’m going to be the first person to sign up!


I am grateful for this lesson despite the less than thrilling outcome. This lesson taught me that you can take a bunch of things that don’t really go together and make them look cohesive with a little gesso, oil pastels and a brayer.

I think I would have really enjoyed the lesson if I had started with a larger face. So I’m planning on doing it again with a different picture. I had a ton of fun with the collage and I look forward to playing with that again.


We were supposed to write about our positive connections in our life in a sort of poem like way. Tamara was really great about explaining how to do that, but when it came time to do that part the words just came out of me without even thinking. But I will definitely keep Tamara’s instructions in my mind and use them next time I’m doing something like this.

All in all… I learned some great lessons that I can apply in future projects.

Til next time…



2 thoughts on “Life Book 2014 – Week 10

  1. Helena, thanks for the nice comment. After I slept on it, I realized that it is a good piece. Sometimes my high expectations get the better of me. I can’t see the good work I’ve done. Only what it should have been. That’s a good tip about Pinterest and Youtube. I should try and look up specific tutorials just on hair. Thanks!

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