Life Book 2014 – Week 11

This week was a bonus lesson week. The original teacher couldn’t do it so thankfully Tamara stepped in and offered a lesson of her own and even a second one by Gracie. These were just fast forwarded video lessons, but they still had a great deal of info. Tamara never disappoints. Her lessons are always fun for me.

The theme was The Tree of Life. I created very closely to what the example was. I really responded to the piece she created and I wanted to push myself with drawing legs and hands. The cartoon style of the girl made it easier to try them out for the first time.


I never realized that you should sketch your subject first. I always thought that real artists just painted off the cuff. Like Bob Ross. I remember watching him paint as a girl. He would just slap paint down on the canvas and I would think, “What are you doing? That doesn’t look like a tree.” And then somehow as he kept layering this gorgeous scene would emerge. I am still in awe of his work even to this day. Watching him on tv are some of my fondest memories as a child.


The collage in this piece is from a hymnal that I picked up at our local goodwill type store, called Bargains Galore in Waupun, WI. I love using music sheets in my pieces.


I love my big headed girl! She was so fun the create. Her dress is made with washi tape, her shoes have little swirls on ends and her hair is blowing in the wind. I would like to improve on how to draw hair. Make it look a bit more free, but this was a good start for me.

When I started stamping on the tree I thought I had ruined it, but then I started adding the white dots. The white dots gave it more of a magical look which I absolutely love! I definitely would like to try this look again.

Here is the bonus lesson by Gracie.


This piece has a lot of different layers for the background. But everything was brought together by adding gesso with a brayer on top. I love swirls! They were my signature when I was working with stained glass. So creating the tree was a lot of fun for me.

Til next time…



2 thoughts on “Life Book 2014 – Week 11

  1. Love it and I love your blog……full of creativity and kindness. Thank you for “sharing”….
    Sorry my english is not so good…

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