Ripped Pants = Art Storage

I have an Art Room in my new house, but when I want to do art and spend time with my family I drag some of my stuff out to the living room. But now my pencils and erasers are all over the place. {Lightbulb} I need a pencil bag!

My husband recently ripped the crotch out of his jeans. So instead of tossing them or having my husband convince people they are cool new air conditioned jeans, I decided to make something out of them.

Cute little bubbles courtesy of my Repix app.

Originally I was just going to use the back pocket. Cut it out, instant sleeve to hold pencils. But then I saw how big the front pocket was and decided to use that as well. Then I realized I was going to have to sew them together. Ugh!

I HATE sewing! I really do. I’ve avoided it all my life. My mother is an amazing quilter and loves to sew, but she didn’t pass those traits on to me. Or maybe I just didn’t want to do it because Moms are lame and who wants to do what their Mom does… Not really. But that’s what my kids think about learning stained glass from me. I think that’s how it usually goes with mothers and children. Although my daughter does love to sew. So maybe it just skips a generation? Hopefully my grandkids will love to come over to Grandma’s house and break/melt some glass with me. I LOVE Glass! And unlike fabric, it maintains it’s shape… unless it’s dropped! So I find it easier to work with.

Well, I busted out the old sewing machine and tried to sew the two pieces together. I did fairly well at first. I remembered to put the good sides to the inside. So that was a small victory, but it’s still difficult to sew jean material. Or at least it was for me. As I got to the bottom something went wrong with the thread and the stitches got all bunched up on the backside. Belle to the rescue! My lovely daughter came over and rethreaded the machine for me and even made another bobbin for me. Instead of feeling bad about the fact that my 13 year old knows more than me, I am thankful for her sewing talent. Thank you Belle!


Well, here’s the final result!




Pretty good for someone who can’t sew.

Til next time…