Life Book 2014 – Week 19

This weeks lesson was about honoring your inner world by Danielle Daniel. Try saying that name three times fast! Lol!

I struggled with this one a bit. Letting go and freely painting just isn’t my thing. But I hope that the more I do it, it will become easier for me.

We were told to randomly collage and paint in the background. This is as random as I get.




Then we painted a girl in a meditative or praying position. I love that all the Life Book teachers have been really accepting of all belief systems. I was a little worried that as a Christian I would have a problem with all the “universe” talk and meditation. That I would feel uncomfortable or left out of some things because they clashed with my beliefs, but I have been pleasantly surprised on how accepting all the teachers have been. For example… one of the past lessons we were asked to write a letter to the universe, but the teacher also said that it could be a letter to God (which was who I chose to write my letter to). And I have really enjoyed the different meditations that have been included here and there with the course. I find them to be very relaxing and stress relieving.


The teacher also included a quote by Emily Dickinson that I really liked. So I decided to include the same quote into my piece.


Forever is composed of Nows

At one point, I stopped worrying about making it look like the teacher’s piece and just started to paint how I felt. I decided to be present and be in the now…



Til next time..



Life Book 2014 – Week 16

This week our teacher is the very fun Traci Bautista! We were to create “in the moment”, which is hard for me to do. I plan everything! So this random play was both fun and hard for me.

First, she showed us how to make hot glue stencils. Why have I not been doing this already? Such a simple concept, but an amazingly cool technique!


I made the hot glue stencil on my palette paper (my daughter was using my Teflon sheet), but it did NOT come off of it very well. I will definitely be using the Teflon next time!


I painted pink, in different shades, all over my page. I used some of those cheap paints you get in the little bottles. They are thinner paint and blended more easily. I also used my new hot glue stencil with some spray inks.


Then I just played and played and played. I stamped, used a toilet paper roll, sprayed a silver glimmer spray through a stencil (which doesn’t really show), painted stars and used the back of my brush to create dots.


Fun stuff! I didn’t even wait for the paint to dry before I took the pictures. I plan on making a lot more hot glue stencils. What a great idea!


Til next time…


Life Book 2014 – Week 6 – Part One

This week we have 2 projects courtesy of Tamara Laporte. Yay! So this is my result for part one. Minimalist and working within the rule of thirds. I learned a lot.


Ink sprays! Ink sprays! Ink sprays! Oh how I love them! I bought them awhile ago and used them on this painting.


But I LOVE the dripping effect! I will be using this technique again for sure. That’s what I love about this art course… learning new techniques with supplies I already have.

I really loved Tamara’s butterfly stamp. The realistic look was perfect for this piece, but the only one that I have is HUGE! Which is great for other projects. Just not this one. I did find a stamp in my stash that used the word “soar” to create a butterfly shape. Luckily, that stamp set also came with an outline of the same butterfly. So I just stamped that on top because I wanted the butterfly to have a definite shape. I’m definitely putting a realistic butterfly stamp on my list of “art supplies to buy”.


Tamara had us use some washi tape in random places around the piece. I don’t have much to pick from, only four rolls. Two of which are black and white. So I used what I had and I think it looks cohesive. But washi tape is definitely going on the list. I recently saw a great washi tape dispenser that comes with a bunch of rolls of washi tape from Costco. It was awesome! It was a great price too, but they don’t sell it online. I’d go to my nearest store, but I don’t know where one is and I also don’t have a membership. And I’m not going to pay over $50 for a membership just to by a $20 washi tape dispenser. Bummer.

Oops! Went off on a tangent again. Back to the project… I used a random lid to create the circle around the butterfly. I’m starting to stockpile little odds and ends that I think could be used in my art journaling. If I don’t watch out I could become a hoarder! Lol!

The last thing I did was add the word Release around the inside of the circle. My word for the year is Joy, but I’d like to add Release as my sub word for the year. I need to release all the negativity that I have in my life. Either from within or from outside sources. And by doing that, I will be able to experience Joy. That about sums it up.

Thanks to everyone that has been reading my blog. I truly enjoy writing it. And I love reading your comments! They make me feel like I’m not just talking to myself. Don’t get me wrong… I totally talk to myself. Probably on a daily basis, but it’s nice to know someone else is out there and they liked my post enough to take the time to comment. So thank you!

Til next time…


First Art Journal page – kinda

So I attempted to make my first art journal page. I see these as messy, fun, lots of layers but my page didn’t turn out that way. My perfectionism has reared it’s ugly head again. I’m having a hard time letting go. When I want to create a random pattern in any form, I plan out its randomness. How crazy is that??? I think maybe I’m having such a tough time with this because I don’t want to make something ugly and have people say, “See! She’s not an artist!” But what do I care? Who makes them the expert to judge me? I’m having fun and that’s all that matters. Right?

So on to the project…


Here is my blank journal page and my watercolor pencils.


I drew a heart and shaded it darker on one side.


I wanted the heart to pop from the background so I started to add this deep blue around it with my finger. Why not? Painting with your fingers is fun and messy!


I went around the entire heart with the deep blue and now I’m adding a lighter shade around the outside. I just used the same blue and added some white to it.


I added all the lighter blue around the outside. Then I added more of the deep blue close to the heart so I could pull it out over the lighter blue. I wasn’t getting the look I wanted with my finger so I switched to a baby wipe. As I was pulling the paint I didn’t realize that the back of the baby wipe was dragging across the heart. Opps!


The heart was looking kind of weak against that intense background so I decided to go over it with some acrylic paints. I dabbed with my finger and created this peaked texture. I used two different shades of pink, a mixture of the two and some white. I’m pretty happy with the look of this.


I used a fat nib Pitt pen and a medium nib paint pen to create the outlines around the heart.


I used some pretty scrolly stamps to create this effect. I did run into a problem though. The spiral kept getting in the way when I was trying to stamp. I think next time I’ll buy a bound book or I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own. We’ll see.


I added some paint dots inside the heart and randomly (as best as I can do random) around the outside. I just used the back of my paint brush.


I had planned from the beginning that the page would say something. So I thought I’d add, Love makes the world go round. I wanted to put an emphasis on the word Love so I decided to cut it out from some scrapbook paper and my Silhouette Cameo machine.


Here is a graphic I found in my files.


Love all cut out. I added some deeper pink around the edges with a marker, but it bled into the paper quite a bit. I decided just to go with it. Not the effect I was going for, but it’s not too bad.


Not too much room down here. I’m not sure I like the word on there at all.


Here is the rest of the phrase. I printed it out on some cardstock and added pink distress ink with a blending tool.



Maybe it’s better without the phrase? I really can’t decide. My husband came home and thought my page was beautiful. He suggested that we scan it in and use it for a gallery wrap. You know, those wall hangings that look like a painted canvas (no frame), but are really printed. They are a great way to have beautiful art on your wall without having to pay for an original art piece.

If I decide to go that route I would want to leave the words off so I could add in a saying digitally. I really don’t know what to do. I’m actually all little surprised that he thought it was good enough to sell as a gallery wrapped canvas art piece.


So I guess I’m going to leave it for now and decide later. I hope you guys enjoyed the process!

Until next time…