Fun with Gelatos

I watched some YouTube videos where the people were using Gelatos and it looked like a lot of fun. So the next time I went into town I headed over to Joann’s and picked up some Gelatos. Okay… I picked up ALL the colors of Gelatos. I know… it’s a sickness. I can’t just buy part of something. I have to buy the complete set.


I started by putting a bunch of different colors at the top.


I added water and blended the colors together with my finger. Then I tipped the canvas up so the colors would run. I added salt because I saw Donna Downey (my favorite mixed media artist) do it in her video.


The salt didn’t make as big of a reaction as I was hoping for, but it still looks pretty cool. I think I used too much water. I’ll have to correct that next time. Then I added some gesso through a stencil. I used gesso because I wanted the background to still show through the white paint.


After I did the background I felt like the painting needed a flower. A Cone flower. So I added petals with some Gelatos. I also cut drywall tape in the shape of the center of a cone flower.


I added some more Gelatos to the center.


More shading for the petals with some acrylic paint.


The stem is made from twisted paper and the leaves are cardboard. Both painted with various shades of green.


I added the saying, “Delight in the little things” by stamping it on a leftover paint chip from Lowes.



All finished! Normally, I paint the edges, but I like the drippage over the edge.

Til Next time…