Struggling with Love

I had a tough time with this one. I had an idea of what I wanted this to look like and maybe that was the issue. I should just let the materials speak to me and do what feels right at that moment.


So I started this canvas by adding some texture with a heavy gesso. I also used this chipboard frame from a bag of chipboard letters and miscellaneous that my mother gave me. A friend donated it to her and she thought I could do something with the stuff. Ah! Yes! I will take any free art supplies!


My daughter Belle was painting with me while I did this piece. So even though I wasn’t happy with how it was turning out I had a nice time with my girl. 🙂


I added some chipboard letters and painted the whole thing hot pink.


I added some white paint and used a black stamp pad on the letters. Now what?


I cut a heart out of some burlap (also donated by my Mom) and I painted it white.


I was not loving the pink so I deepened the pink with some mulberry paint.


I felt like I wanted to bring out the frame more so I added some ribbon to it. I had to peel of the letters, but that’s what hot glue is for. Right? After this I didn’t know what I was going to do so I put it away for the night and figured that something would come to me another day.


Here is the finished piece. I glued the “LOVE” back on. I also added the burlap heart, some scrapbook paper and a love quote on vellum. I felt like I should do more, but in the end I couldn’t decide what that should be. After talking with my sister and a friend. We decided it was complete.


Now that I’m looking at it again after some time has passed, I am happy with it. Not everything is going to be a home run and I learned something. Don’t go into a project with a preconceived idea of what it should be. Have Fun! Play! Let it be what it will be!

Til next time,



Playing around with Friends

Usually I take step by step pictures so I can blog about it later, but I had some friends with me in the Art Room today. We were having fun and just playing around with our paints so I didn’t take pictures until the end.


I used masking tape to create some texture for the background of the painting. You can’t see it very well in the picture. It’s more visible in real life. I cut circles from a page I tore out of an old book. I also cut leaves and some butterflies. I tried to stencil the butterflies, but my paint leaked under. If anyone has a tip on painting with stencils, please share it with me. I see other people doing it with ease, but I just can’t seem to master it.

I used spray inks for the background. I used acrylic paint for the printed shapes. I wiped off the excess paint with a baby wipe. I did struggle with the petals of the flowers. The ink came up through the paint. So I kept adding more paint to cover it, but in the end I had a blobby mess. So after my friends left I took my finger nail to the petals and scraped the paint off. I repainted them and they look much better than they originally did, but I’m still not completely happy. Oh well… mistakes happen, but I learned something. And next time I’ll do better.

For the dots I used the back of my brush to create them. Then I added black lines around the dots, flowers and leaves. I also used my Pitt pen to make the stems. Lastly, I added the metal quote with some ribbon tied on with end. Overall, I’m happy with this piece, but I still have to paint the edges black. That will have to be another day.


Til next time…