Struggling with Love

I had a tough time with this one. I had an idea of what I wanted this to look like and maybe that was the issue. I should just let the materials speak to me and do what feels right at that moment.


So I started this canvas by adding some texture with a heavy gesso. I also used this chipboard frame from a bag of chipboard letters and miscellaneous that my mother gave me. A friend donated it to her and she thought I could do something with the stuff. Ah! Yes! I will take any free art supplies!


My daughter Belle was painting with me while I did this piece. So even though I wasn’t happy with how it was turning out I had a nice time with my girl. 🙂


I added some chipboard letters and painted the whole thing hot pink.


I added some white paint and used a black stamp pad on the letters. Now what?


I cut a heart out of some burlap (also donated by my Mom) and I painted it white.


I was not loving the pink so I deepened the pink with some mulberry paint.


I felt like I wanted to bring out the frame more so I added some ribbon to it. I had to peel of the letters, but that’s what hot glue is for. Right? After this I didn’t know what I was going to do so I put it away for the night and figured that something would come to me another day.


Here is the finished piece. I glued the “LOVE” back on. I also added the burlap heart, some scrapbook paper and a love quote on vellum. I felt like I should do more, but in the end I couldn’t decide what that should be. After talking with my sister and a friend. We decided it was complete.


Now that I’m looking at it again after some time has passed, I am happy with it. Not everything is going to be a home run and I learned something. Don’t go into a project with a preconceived idea of what it should be. Have Fun! Play! Let it be what it will be!

Til next time,



First Mixed Media Canvas Art

Well, here goes nothing… my first mixed media canvas project! Why is this so scary? As a self proclaimed perfectionist, mixed media is like a foreign language. I get the concept, but I still don’t quite understand how to speak it.

I decided to make a background with all the colors of the rainbow. I’ve seen other paintings with that type of background and I always thought they were cool. I have to admit though, I’ve never been comfortable using that many colors all together. So I have no idea why I would choose this for my FIRST painting, but I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.

I think this is a pattern for me, choosing a very difficult thing to do for my first project. For my very first stained glass project I chose to make a 3D butterfly girl. Why didn’t I make a flat piece to begin with? I have no idea. I guess all I’ll say is that it was a struggle and it included some colorful language. Plus, I melted off the side of the metal girl while I tried soldering on the wings. I guess the lesson I learned was… if I could get through that first project then I can do anything (with some practice).


So here is my first attempt with the background.

Not quite the look I was going for. I wanted it more blended than that.

Maybe I should mute it a little by adding some thinned out white paint over the top?


Okay. I think it’s time to start over.

Not quite completely white, but close enough.

I think I need to get out my ink sprays.

That’s better! I sprayed the canvas with different colored ink sprays and then blotted them with a paper towel. I forgot to get a picture before I added some droplets of semi-opaque white paint. I’m pretty happy with the background at this point. Even with all the colors it reminds me of a sky. Something you might see in a dream. Well, that takes me to the next thing I want to add. The word “DREAM”.

I used a piece of cardboard from a Honeycomb box and my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut it out. This is what the sheet looked like after I removed the letters. The reverse still looks great so I’m going to keep it for another project.

I painted the letters white and even painted the organic ribbon white. I thought with the colorful background, white would be a good choice. But it looks too boring.

I decided to cut out a tree using the same method as the word Dream. I painted it brown using 2 colors of paint and then glued it to the canvas. I like the way it reaches beyond the edges.

I added some paper flowers from my stash and some cute little gems for the centers. Now I need to figure out how to get dream on there.

I decided to go back to the original color of the organic ribbon I tried to use before. I think green looks much better. Especially up against the tree trunk. I secured the ribbon with a spray adhesive since it was so holey and I didn’t know another way to secure it without having glue go all over. I’m pretty happy with how everything looks so the last thing to do is to add the word DREAM and I’m all done!




It’s not exactly how I had envisioned, but it’s not too bad either. Hey! I actually said my own work wasn’t too bad. I think I’m experiencing some personal growth. I’m usually much more critical of my work.

Well, I figure that this is just the first project and I’ll get better with each one I do. Plus, I learned what didn’t work and what did. No project is a waste as long as you learn something.

See you next time.